David Ward, Bass

Reveille Goes Opera

When were you born? 1960, the last year my parents voted Republican.

Where did you grow up? Allendale, in northern NJ, a bedroom community of NYC

When did you move to Tucson? August 2013

What brought you to Tucson? My first job out of graduate school to be the Artistic Director of the University of Arizona Opera Theater.  I am also an opera singer, a comic bass, and I spent 30 years pursuing that. I went back to grad school in 2011 at the Univ of Houston to get a masters in vocal pedagogy and stage directing, and have transitioned to stage directing so I can have greater stability, a job with benefits!, and to explore my other creative talents. I LOVE stage directing! I am also on the staff at Opera in the Ozarks inEureka Springs, Arkansas where I direct and write the touring childrens’ show, stage one of the mainstage shows (last summer Cosi fan tutte, this summer La Cenerentola) and run the Apprentice Scenes Program. This summer I returned to College Light OperaCompany (CLOC) on Cape Cod in Massachusetts to direct HMS Pinafore – I began my career there in 1982! And I’m going back next summer. 

How long have you been with Reveille? One month

What motivated you to join? I always wanted to sing with a gay mens chorus. In the 1980s and 90s I wanted to sing with the NYCGMC but because I was always on the road I never had the chance. I had many friends in the chorus then, and this feels like I get to reconnect back to them and the good ol’ days. Also, I need a social life – I am a workaholic!

What keeps you coming back? Shawn and the wonderful music we are making.

Have things changed much since you joined? I now know all the names of the basses

If you could pick any song for Reveille to sing what would it be? Too soon to tell.

What is your fondest Reveille memory so far? Hearing the chorus sing Home to the newcomers.

When you were a little boy what did you dream of being when you grew up?Broadway star in a Jerry Herman musical (I wanted to be Mame or Vera Charles)

What do you like to do for fun (besides Reveille)? Go to the theater, opera, dance,concerts; love movies, avid reader and huge TV watcher (i.e., RuPaul, Project Runway)

What's your favorite place to hang-out here in Tucson? I don’t have one yet. Any suggestions? I’m single and willing to mingle.

What's your favorite movie? Argh. This is an impossible question! Moulin Rouge, Sound of Music, Wizard of Oz, World War Z! I have eclectic tastes!

Besides choral music, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to? LOVE Broadway show tunes. Also opera though I’d pick Bway, classic Disco and Scissor Sisters over opera any day!

What's your biggest regret? That I didn’t join Reveille last year, that I’ve never been to Australia, that I’ve only done drag in Ptown once (I won a title the year I did!), and that I turned down a national tour of Phantom of the Opera