Michael Ratliff, Tenor II

"The challenges and struggles that I've experienced in my life have made me the man I am today."


Have you ever wondered, when you're at a Reveille concert,who that little guy is who's always center stage with a big smile and tons of energy? That is Michael Ratliff, who has been a devoted Reveille member since 2006. Michael's enthusiasm and positive outlook are infectious and have endeared him to his fellow chorus members. Here's an opportunity to get to know Michael better. 

When were you born? September 29, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois.

Where did you grow up? Batavia, Illinois.

When did you move to Tucson? July 13, 2006.

What brought you to Tucson? To be closer to my family.

What do you do for a living? I work at Gateway Century 12 as a greeter/ticket taker.

How long have you been with Reveille? Since August 18, 2006, I guess that makes 8 years.

What motivated you to join? I’ve always wanted to sing in a men's chorus.

What keeps you coming back? Our brotherhood, the love we have for each other and the amazing talent we all bring to the table.

Have things changed much since you joined? We are performers and we have grown from 20 singers to now 51 singers since 2006. Wow, what a joy it is! We sing like professionals and perform like professionals.

If you could pick any song for Reveille to sing what would it be? If you know the person I am then you know that I love just about every song we sing. Every song has a meaning and touches me in so many ways.

What is your fondest Reveille memory so far? Performing with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra last spring. Performing with Carpathia Jenkins, Christine Noel, and Rob Evans was the most amazing experience, I will never forget!

When you were a little boy what did you dream of being when you grew up? A performer and singer and an all-around beautiful human being.

What do you like to do for fun (besides Reveille)? Hang out with family, my partner Kenny, our dog Bella and my Reveille brothers. Oh, and I love journaling.

What's your favorite place to hang-out here in Tucson? At home with Kenny and Bella, just relaxing and watching TV and being in the moment.

What's your favorite movie? I have so many it’s hard to chose my favorite.

Besides choral music, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to?  All kinds of music. Except Gangsta rap. Can't stand it, it hurts my ears.

What's your biggest regret? I wish I could've met my birth parents before they died of drugs and alcoholism.

What really pisses you off? Ignorant people.

What's your best asset? My attitude and my outlook on life.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? Nothing.

If you could go back in time and change one decision you made when you were younger what would that be? I made many mistakes when I was younger, but it's made me a better man. The challenges and struggles that I've experienced in my life have made me the man I am today. I'm grateful for all my downfalls. I would not change a thing.

If you could choose one person (any person living or dead) to spend an evening with who would that be? My birth mother and father, for sure.

If you won the lottery tomorrow how would it change about the way you live (besides making a nice donation to Reveille)? Nothing. I would be paying it forward. Helping out in anyway possible, giving to charities. Also a great big check to Reveille!

Who do you admire the most? My father Bob and my mother Kay! They are the greatest parents a son could ever have!

Any parting words you’d care to share? Respect all, love all, pay it forward in life. Be good to yourself and others. And remember you're the one that can change someone's life for the better. Lend a helping hand anyway possible. Bring joy and peace to the world all around you : )