Michael Scofield, Baritone

It's the music, the camaraderie and the cute men!

Although Baritone Michael Scofield only joined Reveille last August it feels like he’s been with us much, much longer. He has quickly become a very popular and well liked member of the Reveille family. Michael has had extensive experience singing with several men’s choruses since first joining Tucson Boy’s Chorus when he was six years old.

When and where were you born? 4:40 pm, Sept. 28th @ Tucson Medical Center, Tucson, AZ.

Where did you grow up? I moved away to Wichita, KS, Phoenix, AZ and Portland OR covering a time period of ten years. I moved back to Tucson in January of 2013.

What do you do for a living? I’m a restaurant manager.

How long have you been with Reveille? 8 months.

What motivated you to join?  I started singing with the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus at age 6. I have loved singing since.

What does singing with Reveille mean to you? Reveille is an artistic outlet. It’s 3 hours a week where I don’t think about anything else except making music and entertaining others.

What keeps you coming back? The music, the camaraderie and the cute men.

If you could pick any song for Reveille to sing what would it be? Battle of Jericho sung barber shop style.

What is your fondest Reveille memory so far? Performing our well received holiday show “It’s a Fabulous Life”

Congratulations on getting one of the lead roles in the spring show. Had you ever acted before? Nope, and I’m excited! I’m looking forward to expanding my abilities and I’m confident that the process will prepare me to do well.

We heard that Reveille isn’t the first men’s chorus you’ve sung with. What chorus was it and how does that experience compare to singing with Reveille? When I relocated to Portland for a job I knew I would need to make a new circle of friends and have an artistic outlet. Auditions for the chorus happened to be the weekend I moved there so I guess it was fate. After singing with them I realized that I never should have stopped. Between my graduation from the Tucson Boys Chorus and Joining P.G.M.C., 20 years had elapsed. I had stopped singing because I thought that would cure my “gayness”. I realize now how silly that was and am glad to have moved on with my life. Since then, I have sung with Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus, Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix and now Reveille.

When you were a little boy what did you dream of being when you grew up?  When I was young I wanted to be an architect, my inspiration was Tom Selleck in Three Men and a Baby. He just seemed so cool, living in New York with his friends and having a good time.

What do you like to do for fun (besides Reveille)? Outside of Reveille I enjoy camping and exploring in the Catalina Mountains.

What's your favorite place to hang-out here in Tucson? With my friends at the trampoline park.

Besides choral music, what kind of music do you enjoy listening to?  My favorite music usually comes from artists like Daft Punk or A.T.B. in the form of electronic dance music. Although I enjoy all genres depending on my mood, I’ll turn on some music before turning on the T.V. any day.

What's your biggest regret? My biggest regret is not continuing with my musical education through high school and into college. Maybe someday I’ll pursue that.

What's your best asset? My best asset is my cheery attitude, sometimes I get down, but it’s hard to stay that way for long.

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be? .) I used to dream of things to change about myself, but I don’t anymore because of its futility. I have been focusing on the here and now and living in the moment.

If you could go back in time and change one decision you made when you were younger what would that be? For better or worse, all the decisions I have made have brought me to this point in life. It would be interesting to see which road I would be on, had I chosen a different path. However every decision, good or bad, has taught me invaluable lessons.

If you could choose one person (any person living or dead) to spend an evening with who would that be? David Frost, I found his work on the Nixon interviews interesting and the gamble he took really paid off.

If you won the lottery tomorrow how would it change about the way you live? If I won the lottery it would be fun for a time but after the excitement wore off, I would still enjoy spending time with my family and friends going places and experiencing new things.

Who do you admire the most?  I admire my grandpa Robert Beaty the most. He managed five and dime stores though out Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. He helped people get the goods they needed, helped employees with jobs and took care of his family. He was a quiet and modest man, with a quick wit and a big heart.

Any parting words you’d care to share? I’m very glad to be with an exceptional group like Reveille and am looking forward to many new and exciting memories with them!