In February 2015, Reveille debuted its Community Outreach & Engagement group, Reverb! Reverb helps fulfill our mission by performing throughout the community. Reverb can be booked for engagements with your organization or event.  We strive to partner with those organizations and events that share our mission of Changing Lives through Music.  Reverb provides entertainment through a variety of musical styles in performances that help engage through music and humor.  If your organization would like to book Reverb for an event, please fill out the Outreach Request Form.  Under the guidance of Asst. Conductor and vocal coach, Keith Koster, Reverb continues to grow an impressive set of music that can fit any type of theme.

Meet the members of Reverb:

Mark Makboulian (Tenor I)

Jai Smith (Tenor I)

Paul Miller (Tenor II)

Stephen Purcell (Tenor II)

CM Peterson (Baritone)

Dennis Sipf (Baritone)

Andrew Campbell (Bass)

Stefan Bailey (Bass)

Aditya Adiredja (Bass)

Keith Koster (Vocal Coach/Accompanist)






Reverb for your pleasure: