Member Highlights

One Of Reveille's New Members
Reveille's Librarian Extraordinaire !!
Reveille Goes Opera
It's the music, the camaraderie and the cute men!
"I love to sing. It brings joy to my heart."
"Reveille is a great family to be a part of."
"Singing with Reveille scratches that creative itch, but it’s also emotionally fulfilling and there’s something almost spiritual about it."
"Singing with Reveille fills a place in my soul that hurts when it’s empty."
"The challenges and struggles that I've experienced in my life have made me the man I am today."
"I love the friendships I have formed, the ability to connect with folks of different ages and experiences."
"When we’re on the stage for the first performance and the nervous energy ensues, it’s so worth it!"
"I like the people. Lots of friendly men and women who volunteer their time and talent to Reveille."
"I saw our conductor cry at a funeral while conducting us."
"I love making good music with good men."
Reveille has provided me with a connection to Tucson that I have been longing for since I moved here.